The products we carry reflect a unique aesthetic, and cater to all customer demographics. Our commitment to quality and value focuses specifically on style, durability and brands at all levels of pricing, as well as, the newest technology in lenses.


Bring in your prescription and our customer service staff can assist you, or we can communicate directly with your doctor to ensure your needs are met. We can contact your eye doctor to obtain a copy of your prescription; if you do not have a prescription, we would be glad to refer you to an eyecare professional for an examination.


We specialize in providing the best quality lenses for all needs such as Single Vision, Bifocals, Progressive Lenses and Office Lenses. Along with the best in lenses, we also provide enhanced product features such as var- ious scratch, and anti-reflection coatings including Nikon and Crazal. Another key eye wear feature we special- ize in is the transition or Photogrey lens which adjusts your vision to various outdoor conditions.


Our brands of eye wear include Versace, D&G, Burberry, Guess, Gant, Candies, Vogue, Fendi, Coach, Mexx, Sketchers, Occhialli, Chromax, Tatoo, and Polo Ralph Lauren.


We also carry all major brands of contact lenses such as Johnson and Johnson, Ciba, Cooper Vision and B&L. We also provide professional fittings by appointment with a licensed contact lens technician.


Our selection of sunglasses include all major brand names such as Rayban, Maui Jim, Harley Davidson, Fendi, Coach, Guess, Versace, Sketchers and many more. We can also custom order based on your specific request. Sunglasses can also be ordered with prescription as well.


We also carry a wide selection and reasonable priced frames for children. Come visit us for all your eye wear needs.

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