» I’m very pale: platinum blond hair; very fair skin, China blue eyes. What frame colours would look best on me?

» I’m very nearsighted. Lately I’ve been reading about new thinner lenses and Anti-Reflection Coating. Can these be used together? What else can I do to look better?

» I’ve had my contact lenses for about a year; and lately I’ve noticed some problems tolerating them for long periods of time. Do I need new ones?

» I just bought extended-wear contact lenses, and they’re great! It’s so nice to wake up with perfect vision. My question is this: when I take my morning shower; do I have to take them out? How about when I’m swimming?

» My family doctor recommended eye drops for allergies, but I’m afraid to use them because I’m not sure what they will do to my contacts. Can I use eyedrops with contact lenses? I wear regular soft lenses.

» I wear glasses. Will all my children need glasses?
» One of my parents has glaucoma. What are the chances that I will get it?